I am maybe the most curious person I got to know so far. (If you say the same about yourself, let’s meet immediately!)

I love to get to know new people and their unique inner maps and landscapes. Because I appreciate differences a lot. In my eyes these are our crazy nice big chances to inspire each other.
I love butterflies. Because I love developement. And transformation. One of the things i value the most are these rare moments of discovery. When someone gets aware of her or his real personal goals. And I am thankful to have the chance to offer my company on these exciting journeys into the unknown.
It is also always a discovery for me. (Like Portugal where I just moved to.) Like surfing, making music and drawing, what I do without much knowledge but with a lot of fun!

And by the way:

I was running a Coworking Space in Hamburg and coached founders, especially Social Start-Ups and young longterm unemployed people. I consulted different kind of companies, a lot of artists and (yes, it’s true) even consultants. I gave workshops at art schools, in different coaching programs and for public institutions. And I worked for advertising agencies and for a classical orchestra.

– I am certified as Systemic Coach (WISPO AG, Systemic Centre, Hamburg, Germany, 2017-2018)

– I studied “Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism” (Literature, Arts, Theatre, Media and Politics – University of Hildesheim, Germany, 2002-2006)

– I am certified as Copywriter (Texterschmiede Hamburg e.V., Germany, 2001)

– I studied Communication, Marketing and Public Relations with certification as Communication and Marketing Manager (AKK, Academy for Communication Kassel (AKK), Kassel, Germany, 1997-1999)