Why struggling with a challenge? Make it a game!

Don’t we all often overanalyze things and see only a lot of problems and no more opportunities? Maybe rationality is not always the best tool?

My Coaching Game offers a new kind of handling complex situations:

In a small group – where the only 2 rules are to respect each thought and to be allowed to laugh about everything – everyone is using their fantasy and body besides the bonus brains and their perspectives to get new views and ideas. Just while playing together.

It’s all about solving problems as a child would do: using all senses, imagination and both hands – having a free and fearless mind!

Just call me to show up with my game case full of coloured cards, a lot of drawing pens and other toys…!

Ready to feel comfortable and confident while handling complex challenges?

For all kind of groups and challenges
To think about moving doesn’t make much sense. Better: move to think. Best: Move to feel and get aware what would be your best solution!

This game offers several stations where 2 players build a team and follow the tasks. In between there are parts to play with the whole group. At the end everybody will be the owner of a big envelope full of new ideas. And will have heard more compliments as ever before. (Sorry, I am not to hold responsible for partners who fall in love.)

3-8 hours (depending on number of players) / 6-30 players