Why struggle with a challenge? Make it a game!

Why not solving problems as a child would do? Instead of overanalyzing we can get in touch with the challenge and play with it: using all senses, imagination and both hands – experimenting while having a free and fearless mind and benefitting from the different point of views of other players… while having ridiculous fun!

Let’s figure out your version of the game and fix a date for me to show up with my game case full of coloured cards, plasticine, drawing pens and other toys…
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For all kind of groups and challenges
Teams of 2 follow tasks in several stages, approaching challenges in various dynamic ways. Sometimes creating things, sometimes exercising and sometimes discussing unexpected questions! At the end everybody is taking away a bunch of new ideas – just by playing together.
3-4 hours / 8 stages / 6-30 players / all costumizable to your needs

the teambuilding workshop
As a teambuilding workshop the Coaching Game helps collegues to find better solutions and leveraging their potential whilst supporting each other playfully. And playing together brings a new vibe to the group. Players get to know each other in new ways, starting a fruitful and constructive dialog while finding their voice to communicate honestly and positively.
3-6 hours / 8-12 stages / 6-30 players / all costumizable to your needs

Ready to feel comfortable and confident while handling complex challenges?